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How great leaders inspire action: Simon Sinek

Martin Luther : I have a dream 

I did a sketchnote of this TED talk to prepare for my Berlin class
Originally given by Simon Sinek  Sept 2009 and posted to TED conference May 2010.

As I took in the talk the theme of "Limbic System" and "Why we do what we do" resonated with me and with the "winner's bible" and with Siong Guan's Leader  Teacher and You theme 

Three great leaders were identified
Apple computer
Martin Luther 
Wright Brothers

He concluded
Great and inspiring leaders 
All think, act and communicate
In the same way.

The Golden Circle

Commonly people start on the outside
What they do
Then how they do it
Then Why they do it.

Great leaders do the reverse.
They start with "Why"
Then they go on to "how"
And finally "what"

As in Apple marketing

People don't buy WHAT you do
They buy WHY you do.

Good leaders communicate from inside out.

Biological reason to support this:
The outside layer of the brain is the newest: it is called the Neo-cortex.
It is rational, 
It is analytical, 
It uses language.

The inner core is called the Limbic system.
It is about gut decision.
Decision making
It has no capacity for language.
It engenders loyalty.

Hire people who believe in what you believe.

Samuel Pierpoint Langley had "recipe for success"
Market conditions but failed to create a flying machine.
His motivation was the "what"
Fame, money, prestige .

Wright brothers had
No money
No people with college degrees
No market
But they had "why"
Driven by a cause
Believed it would change the world.

Law of diffusion of innovation 
2.5% innovators 
13.5% early adaptors
Many companies can hit 10% but it is short of tipping point.
6% gap of people who will stand in line fir 6 hours for new iphone, for them stoves, for what they believe: their why is congruent with the company why
Tipping point is at 16%
34% early majority
34% late majority
16% laggards

TEVO is a great failure
Product good
Sales tactic wrong
From outside in
Does not sell

Martin Luther
By word of mouth
Crowd of 260,000 came to listen
They came not for him
But for themselves 
His why was their why

There are leaders and those who lead:

Leaders hold their position by power and authority 

Those who lead do so by inspiring us:

The politician who says 
I have a twelve point plan
Does not inspire us.
Merely tells us what.

"I have a dream"
Tells us why he is inspired and if we agree , we are inspired.

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