Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Home made Cappuchino

When trying out the milk frotherer on the Miele Nespresso built in machine, I found it fiddly. I later read that I could froth cold milk in a French press and microwave it to achieve frothed milk.

The experiment worked so well it will be repeated: 

First a regular capsule pod of Nespesso.
Added water to about 100 ml.

When the bubbles settle, clear black expresso with a brown creama on top.

Added 100 ml cold milk to the French press. Cold milk is better for frothing than hot, so the experts say.

Plunged up and down for 30 seconds.
Using beer terminology I would say it was a good head!

Transferred to ceramic mug because plunger frame was metal. Microwaved for 20-30 seconds helped to produce fine bubbles and a steady firm foam.

Added to the top of the coffee.

Firm enough for 3-D art!

Now I need some cinnamon/ chocolate sprinkle!

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