Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Your own personalized 20 page version

The big value of this book is that Kerry guides you to create your own personal handbook
(Personal Winner's Bible)

He requires you to get an A5 ring binder, available at any decent stationary shop, fitted with 20 pockets. this can hold up to 40 sheets but you are not going to use so many.
The personal guide is one that you will use daily.
The contents are dynamic and will change from time to time.

Kerry begins by helping you construct the cover
He says title it "Winners Bible"

For my own reason I reserve "Bible" for Holy Bible although the word "bible" often is used in a secular sense to refer to any authoritative tome.

So I use "Winner Rewired"

When I retired from medical practice in 1999 I labeled myself as 
Retyred (4 new tires), 

I felt I was retooled for a higher purpose.
Only I did not know what that purpose was.
Over the next 13 years that purpose has evolved to Community a Development: 
living a wholistic life and helping others achieve it.

Now that I have come across this book I see it helps me review and refine my goals
And helps me with strategies to achieve it.

Have your name on the cover
I use my Chinese name "民” (Min)

Place a good photo of yourself
With no other people
perhaps showing your good features
Perhaps taken at a winning moment
engaged in your favourite sport

There are 7 major sections 
this chapter deals with Section 1-3

Goals and dreams
Write down your dreams and goals 
Goals provide you with motivation to complete the repetitive difficult tasks needed for development.
motivation needs to be constantly topped up with positive enthusiasm.

To link these goals to your Limbic system you need to intensly passionately feel your goals, taste them, smell them, experience than in your inner being.
Two techniques to help you do this
Fixated Visualisation 

Fixated Visualisation 
Place a picture related to your goal in your folder
Eg if your passion is sailing, select a picture of a boat
Stare intently at the image for two minutes
See yourself standing on deck
With the wind in your face
Smell the sea spray
Feel the wheel in your hands
Hear your friends laughing
taste the fresh oysters

expand this to thinking through a whole expedition in detail
Getting the boat launched, the route planned, the trip itself

Objective: to feel your goal at an emotional level
Don't forget your non-material goals

Heroes and Mentors
Place some photos of your heroes and mentors in your personalized manual.
Include some of their quotes

Family and Friends
Put pictures of people who make your life worth living.
Seeing these pictures will remind you to speak to them, to go out of the way for little errands for them

NB vivid goals and dreams alone are not enough to achieve success.
You need to learn how to be more efficient (see chapter 4)

Daily Devotions
Almost sacrilegious 
But 5 minutes with your personal manual is what it takes for this book to kick in place.
Your manual is private and confidential
Find a quiet secluded place.
Look though your personal manual every day
You don't have to read every word on every page
Flick  though and see what catches your eyes.
A different set will speak to you each day.

From time to time you may find an entry needs to be changed 
Perhaps a goal modified

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rewire your Brain aka The Winner's Bible

This book is going to change my life! 
For the better!

I was going to blog about it under my graphic sketchnote blog but then I decided it would take too long for one posting. Furthermore I perceive that these changes will be a life long process : hence this separate blog, with many postings .

Get a copy of the book if you can.
But my ramblings upon it will be extensive and suffice for those of you who can not get the book.

First, some comments about the tittle: There are three titles I can find to this book.

1) The Winners Bible,  aka TWB: 
that sure is catchy. 

Conservative Christians (like me) may take objection to the word "Bible" as that is linked to the Holy Bible. The English word "Bible" comes from bíblia in Latin and bíblos in Greek. The term means book. But in common usage "Bible" is used for authoritative book on any topic. So this book promises to help you be a winner. and I believe it can.

2) The subtitle is "Rewire your brain for permanent change"
The book offers to guide you do that: and I believe you can.

3) The third title is found and explained in Ch 26: The Limbic Master
Short summary: The Limbic system is the part of the brain that handles raw emotions: anger, fear, passions, lust: When we become Limbic masters we do not let the Limbic system control us, but override it for higher purpose. Retiring your brain means training your thinking part of the brain to control the Limbic system.

So this is the first page of my sketch notes to the book: the book stretches to 29 chapters: very readable; entertaining, instructive, inspiring, well written.

There are 10 subtopics in Chapter One

The first identifies why many self help books for self improvement FAIL

This is because of the GAP between theory and practice 
So this book will guide you step by step (to be a winner)

The second identifies that many "self helps" are sets of rules, general principles .
TWB differes for it guides you to develop your own 20 page "Winners Bible" that you read every day (not every page)

The third identifies how the human brain is NOT like a single computer CPU (central processing unit)
But in fact the human brain functions like several different dependent and interdependent "brains"
Some are sub-conscious 

The fourth depicts our concious logical brain pat as oars that paddle visiblly and the uncouncous emotions hidden under the surface. 
When the visible and invisible are NOT aligned, we lose control of direction.
When they are aligned we have good control of direction.

The fifth is a concrete example that "nature is not always the best"
That following our natural sense and inclination may not be the best for us: 
I range eivnseherp omcat may give us wrong information.

The sixth develops the approach of this book to provide a toolbox of a comprehensive range of skills for you to choose according to the various situations you are in.

The seventh compares toos to the simplistic 'six rules' for winners.

The eighth states for every rule there is a counter rule.
So sometimes the opposite applies.
Eg Never give up
Vs know when to quit.
The key is to know when to apply and when to change
TWB guides you in this.

The ninth alludes to the rich tapestry of imagery,allegories and stories that keeps this book dynamically alive. Eg pomegranate (see chapter 10)

The tenth (last) subsection of the first chapter focuses on what it means to be a winner.

Kerry identifies a winner as a person who leads a full rich life.
Experiencing life more real than real, multi-dimensional is a learnable skill of understanding and seeing the world through wiser eyes: genuine inner peace and contentment : positively impacting everyone you come in contact with.

So exciting was this book to me that I planned to read one chapter at a time , make Sketchnotes of it, and put it into practice . 
I want to be a winner.
I want you to be a winner.
This is the wholistic life that we teach and talk about in our community development outreach ministry.