Saturday, January 30, 2016


See one do one teach one:
A brief overview of my Lino cut lesson and some take always

Lesson was in three phases/steps

Assemble equipment
Carving tools (six : small v, big U, straight chisel, angled chisel..)
Sticky tape
Lino block 4x6 inch
Palate (box lid)
Printing ink
Printing paper A4
Printing paper A5
A4 Registration paper
A4 Plastic sheet

A) Image transfer
B) carving
C) printing

Begin with the end in mind: what do you want your final image to look like?

I googled Monkey and LinoCut/woodcut and image 
This was my working image

A) Image Transfer
On tracing paper with 4 B pencil, trace outline of Lino block
Outside of outline scribe a capital R to remind you which way is right side up 

Sketch outline of image you wish to print

Reverse the tracing paper with pencil writing lead facing down, direct on Lino block

Use bowl of spoon to apply firm circular pressure on tracing paper to transfer reverse image onto Lino block

B) Carving

Using one of six tools (commonly small V or big U) carve rivers by pushing awsy30degrees to the left, constant direction: turn Lino block rather than cutting tool: cut in one direction: 39degrees to the left.
Leave mountains to imprint ink
Remove rivers for white.

Lino block carving completed.

C) Printing
Align carved Lino block on A4 plastic sheet

Squirt small volume of printing ink on palate. 
Load dauber with ink
Daub Lino block with circular movement

Align  printing paper with alignment line 

Use spoon to balan the paper into Lino

Multiple oblique prints may be used on A4 sheet for angpow

Can load 
2nd and 3rd colour by hand/ paintbrush.

The large sheet can be folded and made into two ang pow
Channel 8 TV crew was in hand to take shots and interview.

My monkey grabbing peach makes a nice design.

Inspired, I went to get more paraphernalia.

Straits Art
12"x72" Japanese paper, $9.70

Art Friend
Wood carving tools 4.92 per set of 6
Speed ball printing ink 9.95x3
4x6 Lino $2.21x2
6x8 Lino $4.43x4

Total $64

Upgraded signature
print on Japanese paper

At coffee shop decided to do LinoCut style of sketch

Chased the coffee baristas..

Kopi3 was the definitive image 

Carboned a photocopy with 4B pencil

Image transfer

Lino block ready for carving


Window view at Cordis Hong Kong

Block carved

Image for Lino4

The completed LinoCut#4
Red Guards

Lion Dance

Lion Dance, the sketch

Lion Dance LinoCut5

Completed Linocut5 Lion Dance

LinoPrint5 Lion Dance

LinoCut 6

Roadside busker with Di Zi
Sketched, outlined with pencil for transfer to Lino block 

Transferred, border embellished

Carving starting with Chinese Characters

Background grooved out with faint lines purposely created

Inked LinoCut 6

The print

Improvised baleen, toweling wrapped over a facepaint container.
I find I take about 6-8 prints to get the hang of it:
I prefer small brush to big dauber (maybe lack of daubing skill)

Improvised baleen is good.

Inspired by Brenda's sketchnote
Planned sketch and image transferred to linoblock

Work in progress

Ready to roll

Inked with my new speed all roller (I like!!)